Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Prioritizing a Safer Harford County

Keenly aware of the importance and challenges of ensuring public safety, Bob Cassilly has been a statewide leader in the fight for our safety and security.

During his U.S. military service in Iraq, Bob witnessed first-hand the ravages of uncontrolled crime, only to return to Maryland and see the persistently increasing violence in Baltimore City that threatens the safety of our families and neighborhoods in nearby Harford County.

He has been one of the key leaders in Maryland against progressive Democrat policies that have made Maryland less safe than ever before.

A staunch believer in properly funding law enforcement and prosecuting criminals, Bob works very closely with Sheriff Jeff Gahler,  State’s Attorney Al Peisinger, and the courts to make our streets safer.

In his two terms in the Maryland State Senate, Bob has been one of the leading voices in support of law enforcement and first responders, while relentlessly opposing progressive, pro-criminal legislation.

He stood strong against “sanctuary state” policies for illegal immigrants that bring violence, drugs, and gangs to Maryland neighborhoods while advocating for more funding, better equipment, and stronger rights for law enforcement to be able to properly protect us.

Bob sponsored legislation that would hold juveniles who commit serious crimes accountable as adults for their actions and legislation that would impose severe penalties when violence endangers law-abiding citizens.

He also has been an advocate of protecting our seniors from fraud, exploitation, and financial abuse by unscrupulous individuals and gangs.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Over the past 8 years, do you feel more threatened or less threatened by Baltimore City crime spilling into Harford County?
Do you share Bob Cassilly's belief that our government must give our law enforcement all the tools, equipment, and funding that they need to protect us?
Do you share Bob Cassilly’s belief that our county government must work in close cooperation with our police, prosecutors, and courts to provide them with the support, equipment, and funding they need to protect us?
Now that the liberal Democrats overrode Governor Larry Hogan's veto of a bill that limits information-sharing by police with immigration authorities and prohibits the detaining of illegal immigrants, do you think that crime will increase and we need elected officials with a strong background on fighting crime to protect our families and neighborhoods?

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