Bob Cassilly on Economic Issues

Bob Cassilly Is A Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, Bob Cassilly understands that a robust local economy and improved business climate is essential to Harford County’s quality of life.

That’s why he has always promoted fiscally conservative values, such as sponsoring and supporting legislation to lower taxes, balance government budgets by eliminating wasteful spending, and working to retain and create quality jobs.

As a local councilman and as a Senator in the Maryland General Assembly, Bob consistently opposed tax hikes and other progressive legislation, while leading efforts to revitalize vacant commercial space, reduce government regulations, filing fees, and bureaucratic processes on our businesses, and promote workforce training.

Cassilly: A Partner in Harford's Business Community

As a former mayor and councilman for Bel Air, Bob Cassilly worked hard to restore a vibrant retail community in the historic downtown. His efforts helped develop an increased customer base that today supports more than a dozen restaurants, a leap from the original two that served the area.

Bob Cassilly Supports Business

Cassilly Brings Results

As a local leader, Bob also led the way toward transitioning the Bel Air Armory for public use, to house a community and events center, furthering the development of the area without compromising on the rural character of Harford County.

A Lifelong Friend to Farmers

Having grown up working on family farms and other Harford farms, Bob knows we benefit so much from our agricultural community, which is an integral part of the economic foundation of our community, and he has advocated to help our farmers.

Bob putting up hay in Churchville
Bob putting up hay in Churchville

Leveraging The Federal Business Community

We have been fortunate to have such a strong and abiding presence over the past 100 years in Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal and, as your Senator and council member, Bob developed a close working relationship with our federal partners.

Bob has also has been working with the state to improve the local infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion, making it easier and safer to get to work, and he will continue to fight to secure additional funds towards this effort.

Speak Up Harford County!

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Do you think Harford County has been sufficiently addressing the traffic/congestion and infrastructure?(Required)

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