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Julie Daly

Forest Hill Resident

Harford County needs Bob as our next County Executive. His dedication and work ethic is superior. We need him to manage the county by keeping our taxes low, stopping the over-development, and budgeting the county's finances. He is honest and trustworthy. I endorse Bob Cassilly.

John Cluster

Former Member of House of Delegates

I worked with Bob when I was a member of the House of Delegates. Bob is one of the strongest supporters of Law Enforcement and will make great County Executive.

Dan Galluzzo

Jarretsville Resident

Bob has integrity and he'll protect our laws and the good Citizens of Harford County. He's a good family man and a diligent worker.

Bonnie Six

White Hall Resident

Our opinion is that Bob Cassilly is a solid citizen, stand-up guy and is approachable and available. He is looking out for Harford County's best interests. He has our support and votes!

Rick Davis

Bel Air Resident

I, Rick Davis, endorse Bob Cassilly to be the next Harford County executive.

David Craig

Former County Executive

I believe that Bob Cassilly is the best person in Harford County to be our next County Executive for the next 8 years. He will do a great job in this new position. Everyone should vote for him. I love seeing his signs.

Sam Kahl

Former Staff Member

As a former staff member for Bob in the State Senate, I saw firsthand his level of integrity, values, and dedication to fighting to protect the Harford County I now call home. I have seen Senator Cassilly's work up close and can say with certainty that there is no other candidate that will put the time and energy into the county our kids will inherit than Bob Cassilly. Having chosen Harford County to raise our family, my wife and I feel strongly that Bob will put his unique family, professional, and military experience to use as a strong leader for where we call home.

Jack Martonick

Bel Air Resident

Bob has had a great career in Annapolis and knows the inner workings of State Government. This will, in my view, help get Harford County what it needs from the State. At the same time his service to Harford County is unquestionable. He has the support of the rank and file of Harford County and we need that as opposed to entrenched political operatives who come and go in various iterations in a constant search for positions of power.

Jo Ann Lingner

Havre de Grace Resident

Bob has a proven record as our Senator. I look forward to seeing him as our County Executive.

Emily Fleming

Bel Air Resident

I support Bob Cassilly because of his EXPERIENCE in Annapolis, and his Conservative views. He will always support the citizens of Harford County.

Judith Wettig

Bel Air Resident

Bob Cassilly is a solid conservative & a breath of fresh air in MD politics... With iInternational, State and Local experience, and as a lifelong resident of Harford County, Bob will govern with a depth of perspective while standing on ground truth...GO BOB!

Catherine Miele

Forest Hill Resident

Senator Cassilly has a proven track record of being a public servant! He served in the military, Mayor & County Council Member and State Senator. His law degree gives him the ability to analyze and assess legislation that affects all of us keeping our best interests to heart. Bob is very supportive of law enforcement and wants to see Harford County enforcing laws making crime illegal!

Glenn Gillis

Aberdeen Resident

I have long admired the Tomas Bata quote, "“Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision merely passes time. Vision with action can change the world.” Bob Cassilly has proven to be a leader that embodies "Vision with Action". I support Bob as Harford County's next County Executive.

Wayne Goddard

Bel Air Resident

Harford County is fortunate to have two strong Republican candidates for County Executive. The reason I am supporting Bob over his challenger is because of his impressive educational background, distinguished military service, and proven leadership roles as a civilian and member of the armed forces. In addition, Bob's experience as a state Senator and commander in foreign campaigns makes him extremely well qualified to successfully advocate for funding priorities in Annapolis and to leverage upon the opportunities and synergies available to Harford County vis-a-vis the Aberdeen Proving Ground. My endorsement of Bob is not a rejection of his opponent, but rather an election between two qualified candidates.

Joe Sliwka

Fallston Resident

Bob is the true conservative for Harford County Executive. As the chairman of the Trump campaign in Maryland for 2016, I hope all Trump supporters in Harford County will vote and support Bob Cassilly for Harford County Executive!

Catherine Miele

Forest Hill Resident

Thank you for all of your service! Harford County needs a real leader!

Tom Moscato

Fallston Resident

I have met Bob several times and he is very intelligent. He has a terrific background and is well qualified.

Jim Thatcher

Bel Air Resident

We, Susan and I, 100% support Bob Cassilly for County Executive! Integrity, Leadership, Experience says it all about Bob. He will always do the right thing for the citizens of Harford County!

Robert Schneeman

Abingdon Resident


Christa Hendricks

Edgewood Resident

I fully endorse Bob Cassilly for County Executive. His focus on supporting our law enforcement and making Harford county a safe and enjoyable place to live is so important for the future of this community.

Denise Winter

Bel Air Resident

I had the privilege of getting to know Bob at a meet and greet in 2021. It is clear to me that he has a heart for ALL communities in our county, and wants what is best for our land, our law enforcement, and our families. A man of faith, he is unapologetically pro-life: a breath of fresh air in a culture where so many politicians proclaim to be people of faith yet fail to protect the unborn. This is integrity in action. Bob is a true servant of the people and has restored my hope for the future of this county.

Bob Rich

Aberdeen Resident

It’s time for change. Bob is the right conservative voice to lead Harford County forward.

Dr. Auther Hannon

Darlington Resident

Bob will keep the developers in check, return Harford county to the people and not the money hungry who just want to destroy the county and turn it into Towson.

Carol Kiple

Forest Hill Resident

I have complete confidence that Bob Cassilly will protect the interest of Harford County on both sides of Route 40 for the next 8 years. He is a man of principals, with experience forging his own way in the world. He didn't inherit his position, he worked hard to put him self through school-not just high school but college and law school. He has proven leadership experience at the municipal, county, state and world stage. He is devoted to his church, family and Harford County neighbors. Don't settle for less, Harford County deserves the Best Leadership- Bob Cassilly.

Chad VanDyke

Forest Hill Resident

Over the past few years Bob is the only one of the few representatives that have actually represented my views and ideas in Maryland government.

Robert Gross

Bel Air Resident

As a longtime resident of Bel Air I am pleased to endorse Bob Cassilly for our next Harford County Executive. His selfless service as a coucilman, mayor, state senator and his distinguished military service proves that he has the unique skill set to be an exceptional county executive.