Bob’s Harford Heritage

Captain John Adams Webster

Bob’s family has been a part of Harford County’s history for over 200 years with a strong tradition of committed public service.  Family members served our Country and County with distinction since before the Revolutionary War.

During the War of 1812,Captain John Adams Webster fought to protect the country and his native Harford County. As part of the defense of Fort McHenry, a battle memorialized by Francis Scott Key in the Star Spangled Banner, CPT Webster directed an artillery attack that repelled a British marine land attack on Baltimore. He was praised by the mayor and governor as the Hero of Baltimore. His body now lies on the property of his family’s farm, Broom’s Bloom, now a popular ice cream store located near Belcamp.

Colonel Edwin H. Webster

Colonel Edwin H. Webster was elected to the Maryland Senate and during the Civil War fought in the Union Army.  After the war he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where he voted for the abolition of slavery.

Charles Dietrich served as a Captain in the Union Army during the Civil war. In 1868, Charles parents, Bob’s great grandparents, Clement & Catherine Dietrich, acquired and operated the Harford Furnace, an iron ore production facility, in Belcamp, and built the family home, Fair Meadows, which was located on Route 543 across from Highlands School.

Fair Meadows

Today, Bob and his wife, Deborah, reside in an historic home in the heart of Bel Air, built in about 1880, just a short distance away from many of the Town’s icons including the Liriodendron Mansion and the Ma and Pa trail.

Bob’s historic house in Bel Air, MD